I ponder on the nature of a ‘structured’ world. The world, often defined by systems and structures, history and culture, thoughts and philosophies, seems definite and settled; but as a matter of fact, it is tentatively formed simply in order to be perceived. Since it is structured, there is always a gap between it and reality. My particular interest is to disclose that gap and in my works it is usually done by de/reconstructing the things structured already. 


By Doyoun Park 27 Nov, 2017

installation(MDF, aluminium frames), 2017

204 MDF boards were cut by laser. Each plate then has in itself one of the entire pages of a book (Umberto Eco's Zeichen-German version) as an image. Afterwards, they were each ground to different depths, so that in the middle of the whole plates a large circle could be created in which texts are deleted by grinding.
By Doyoun Park 01 Sep, 2017

installation(plaster powder), 2016

the many small rectangles in the large white surface are imprints on the plaster powder which have one of the whole pages of a book as an image in each of themselves .

By Doyoun Park 22 Aug, 2017

video and installation, 2016

Utilizing an image editing program, film editing program, printer, copy machine and scanner together, I made an animation film that shows a word moving constantly to one side with a disappearing trace on the opposite side.

By Doyoun Park 01 Jul, 2017

video and book installation, 2015

I cut out the same portion of every page from the cover to a certain word in order to show it at the cover page without necessarily opening the book -‘Zeichen(Sign)’ written by Umberto Eco. In this way, several words were chosen from different pages in order to make a sentence which I came up with. If you read the words in the holes one by one, top to bottom, it says ‘The rules can be changed’.(Die Regeln können geändert werden-Ge)
By Doyoun Park 01 Jun, 2017

kinetic installation(book, pendulum device), 2015

The art has built its own structure consisted of many elements which had a certain meaning in a certain place at certain time, so that they could change over time with their structure.

By Doyoun Park 01 May, 2017

video, 1 min 41 sec, 2015

The range of arts has changed continuously with its definition. The flow of change has discouraged every attempt of defining and fixing the meaning of art, thus drawing a line between art and non-art can never be natural or original.

By Doyoun Park 01 Apr, 2017

video, 2 m 23 s, 2015

Each alphabet was written with water droplets on the glass plate of the scanner and scanned every minute until it completely evaporated, leaving the trace of limescale. The scanned alphabets were made into films which were combined with each oater in order to make a word or sentence.
By Doyoun Park 02 Mar, 2017

video,  10m, 2011

By Doyoun Park 01 Feb, 2017

kinetic installation(paper cup, pendulum device), 2011

By Doyoun Park 01 Jan, 2017

installation, 2010

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